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Worldwide Development Corporation - Marketing Score Card

Worldwide Development Corporation Marketing Scorecard

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The Worldwide Development Corporation has selected Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions ( to handle its marketing program.

The Worldwide Development Corporation (WDC) was recently formed after 12 years of pain staking relentless effort, disappointments, self funding, failures, successes, etc. developing an energy invention that can change the world. The Worldwide Development Corporation is an unique startup company that's mission is to bring together world leaders throughout the planet to work together in order to create a sustainable, fair and balanced planet for future generations.

This will be one of the largest challenges a media company can take on. It's critical to score the Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions fairly and honestly. We will attempt to create a scorecard that represents a honest view of Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions contributions to the success of the Worldwide Development Corporation.

Transparency and trustworthiness is at the core of the success of the Worldwide Development Corporation. Because of the potential exposure worldwide and effects on economies around the world its critical we uphold the highest ethical standards.

Besides handling all the marketing for the Worldwide Development Corporation, Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions will be specifically in charge of promoting the following specific area's.

Worldwide Development Corporation: 
The agreement is the Worldwide Development Corporation will do promotional work for the Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions in exchange for their marketing media efforts. The easiest way to market Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions is to actually share the results of the marketing campaign with the world. 

It's impossible to either blame or give all the credit to Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions for the outcome of the Worldwide Development Corporation without having sales to judge the results. What we can do is judge the exposure of the Worldwide Development Corporation.

One thing that is obvious is the willingness of Blue Digital Media & Web Solutions to assist in marketing the Worldwide Development Corporation for humanitarian reasons. They realize upfront the positive motives, mission and goals of the Worldwide Development Corporation will have on our planet today. This willingness alone should be attractive to other companies.

I will add the scorecard once we determine all the dimensions we want to include in its ratings. Periodically we will score the promotional campaign for everybody to see and judge for themselves if Blue Digital Media and Web Solutions is a good fit for their company.

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Monday, March 26, 2018

Worldwide Development Corporation challenge to U.N. and every country on the planet

New Challenge - 50% cheaper than wind and solar - 20% cheaper than any energy generation on the planet

United Nations Challenge

Mankind’s ultimate responsibility is to create a sustainable planet for humanities future because without it everything else is a mute point.

This challenge will determine if the United Nations is an institution that is willing to lead in the future of humanity or just a body of Nations jockeying for power and influence. I've now added GE and/or Siemens to the challenge if they are brave enough to step forward.

The Worldwide Development Corporation has created an alternative energy invention that we believe will change everything we think we know about energy generation. The new energy invention is capable of generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity distributed throughout the entire planet without consuming resources for a small fraction of the cost of any energy generated today. Today our planet generates approximately 6.6 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity. Even though we would never contemplate or even imagine generating 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity worldwide, I thought it was important to point out the extreme capabilities of the new energy invention.

Unlike the power generation capabilities the cost estimates of the new energy invention is subject to variances and manipulation. Because of the huge amount of effort required in estimating the cost and the differences in material selection it was necessary to use an “order of magnitude” cost estimate. We estimated the cost to be approximately 400 million dollars a gigawatt of firm 24/7 electricity. Even if were off by 50% and the cost is 600 million dollars a gigawatt of firm 24/7 electricity it would be a miracle.

We believe this new energy invention will be the basis for a sustainable planet for humanity theoretically forever. Energy is the key to solving almost all of humanities issues from water shortages through desalination, climate change, smog, elimination of the need for fossil fuels that are limited resources, reduction in all types of pollution, to almost any problem mankind will encounter in the future.

Part 1 of the Challenge is the capabilities of the new energy invention:
  •  Generate 100,000 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity distributed throughout the entire planet   without feed stocks theoretically forever. This is 15,000 times what the world generates today.
  •   Generate 40 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in over 96% of the countries.
  •   Generate 15,000 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity on every continent (Asia, North America,   South America, Europe, Australia, Africa) except Antarctica on the planet.
  •  Generate 3,000 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in Russia. The reason I commented about Russia specifically was because of the cold weather conditions.
  • Generate 3,440 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in India which is 10,000 times the amount of electricity India generates today. The reason I commented about India specifically was because of the huge need for clean energy within India.
  • Generate 10,000 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in China which is 10,000 times the amount of electricity China generates today. The reason I commented about China specifically was because of the huge need for clean energy within China and its population makes up almost 20% of the people living on the planet.
  •  Generate 70 terawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in Iran. The reason I commented about Iran specifically was because of the desert conditions.
  • Generate 10,000 terawatts of 24/7 electricity along the Mississippi without feed stocks theoretically forever.
  • Generate 50 gigawatts of 24/7 firm electricity in Honolulu Hawaii. The reason I commented on Honolulu was because of the very expensive energy generation through oil deliveries. This is double the amount of electricity generation on Honolulu today.
  • Generate 10 gigawatts of 24/7 firm electricity on Maui Hawaii. The reason I commented on Maui was because Hawaii is proposing an underground cable to supply energy to Maui, 
Part 2 of the Challenge is the cost estimates of the new energy invention:

As stated above the cost estimates of the new energy invention is more difficult because of the ability to manipulate the cost variances in material selection, etc. For this reason I decided to lower the challenge to a more reasonable difference in electricity generation comparisons even though we believe the differences will be much more extreme.
  • Capability to generate 24/7 firm electricity at a minimum of 20% cheaper than coal, natural gas, oil, dams and nuclear based on utility scale levelized energy cost calculations according to the NREL.
  • Wind and Solar are intermittent energy sources which means when comparing their electricity output to 24/7 firm electricity we must add in the cost of batteries or co-generation in order to make a proper comparison. This new energy invention has the capability to generate electricity at a minimum of 50% cheaper then wind and solar based on utility scale levelized energy cost calculations according to the NREL and the extra cost associated with intermittent electricity generation. Again, it’s critical we have a fair comparison on both sides of the challenge.
  • Capability to generate 24/7 firm electricity at a minimum of 25% cheaper than SMR (small modular reactor) according to the NREL and the extra cost to deal with nuclear waste.

Note: Actually we believe we can generate electricity 30% to 40% cheaper than any electricity generated today and 60% to 70% cheaper then wind or solar. The only reason why were not using the real expectations is because we could be off by a small amount on our estimates and we wanted to make sure we pass the challenge.

The above challenge includes the United Nations entire body and/or member countries of the United Nations.

If this challenge is accepted by either a group of member countries of the United Nations or the United Nations body itself then I will bring in a large U.S. based international law firm to write up the contract and formalize it with the participating parties.

The contract will contain all the above challenges and will be subject to a large reputable 3rd party verification of the challenges. The 3rd party must be a world renowned engineering firm similar to G.E. and/or Siemens that is well respected in western democracies. The 3rd party engineering company must also be willing to partner with the Worldwide Development Corporation along with the group of countries and/or the United Nations.

The capabilities and validation of the energy invention itself portion of the challenge will only take one or two days. The cost estimates validation will take a couple of weeks. I am willing to let the 3rd party release the validation of the capabilities immediately as to eliminate any unnecessary time that would be wasted on this challenge. But if the capabilities pass the validation process then much scrutiny will be placed on the cost estimates and materials selected once completed. The Worldwide Development Corporation believes most of the materials will be standard materials that are readily available.

Worldwide Development Corporation Business Plan outline:

The Worldwide Development Corporations business plan is to collect 10% royalties on the energy generated worldwide from this new energy invention.

  •           60% of the royalties collected will be redistributed through a non-profit corporation to assist poor countries in implementing this technology and rebuild a middle class around the world. Some type of financial vehicle has to be created to assist 3rd World Countries if we want to create a fairer and more balanced world and this is just as good of a place to start as any to accomplish that task.
  •          10% of the royalties collected will go toward operating the Worldwide Development Corporation.
  •         10% of the royalties will go to a large engineering firm to handle the technical side required for the new energy invention. This includes building a prototype, maintaining and sharing the engineering information all around the world in order to speed up the implementation of the mass deployment of the new energy invention.
  •         10% of the royalties will go to the law firm to handle all the legal work for the Worldwide Development Corporation.
  •          10% of the royalties will go to the participating countries within the United Nations or the entire United Nations body to protect the new energy invention patents, act as an ambassador. etc. If the United Nations body itself decides to enter into the challenge the amount of royalties that will be allocated to the United Nations will be in the billions of dollars per year. This should reduce the large burden on funding of the United Nations and make them much more of a self funding institution.

Electricity grid infrastructure:

Electricity grid technology is also a very important portion to the overall electricity infrastructure around the world. Even though this is not part of the challenge it’s important to discuss the benefits this new energy invention will have on the building and maintaining of the electricity infrastructure around the world. We believe over time this new energy invention will be the sole raw source of energy generated throughout the planet with very few exceptions due to the extreme cost differences. Hydrogen and compressed air will be energy carriers but will be created through electricity generated from the new energy invention.

We have created an implementation plan for New York City that demonstrates the capabilities of this new energy invention to be 99.9% reliable. The implementation plan illustrates the new energy invention backup capabilities, expandability, elimination of wide area network blackouts and finally even greatly reduces cyber attack vulnerabilities. All the above capabilities are necessary to be dependent on only one energy source.

The “order of magnitude” cost estimate for the reduction in electricity grid technology is in the range of 30% to 50% over time once the electricity grids are transformed to handle the new energy invention.

Final comments:

This may seem like an unorthodox way in an attempt to introduce and implement a new technology but with all the corruption and the importance of this new energy invention I have no other choice. I would have given it to the world for free if there weren’t so many inequities and injustices throughout the planet.

One of my biggest concerns is all the time the world is wasting on attempting to implement energy technology that is so ineffective it would eventually destroy mankind’s future. Oil is so important to humanities future because of its ability to make plastics. The world continues to consume oil at an unprecedented rate that is unsustainable. Without plastics a modern society couldn’t exist and without a modern society the world couldn’t sustain billions of people.

You may ask yourself what’s at stake.

The lives of billions of people with no hope will now have a chance to participate in the experiment we call humanity because access to electricity is the same as wealth.

Acceptance of this challenge:

I have never asked anybody for a penny during this entire 13 year endeavor. My intentions are honorable and the technology is real. I still require no money but I do require cooperation in putting together a responsible partnership that will have the ability to create not only a sustainable world for mankind but one that is fair and just where everybody on the planet has hope and a chance for prosperity.

The Worldwide Development Corporation is willing to give up the rights to the new energy invention if it can't complete the challenge stated above directly from the engineering, prototype and 3D drawings, etc. already completed. 

This challenge should entice every country in the world to join in this partnership. Putting everything at risk over such an outrageous challenge says everything about the confidence the Worldwide Development Corporation has in this new energy invention.

Please contact me if you’re a country or a representative of the United Nations by sending me an email.

John Rosebush

Worldwide Development Corporation website:

CEO and President
Worldwide Development Corporation
phone : 269-465-6348

Friday, October 30, 2015

Worldwide Development Corporation - Time to change the world

Essentially what I'm attempting to illustrate to the world is how we transform our planet from a fossil fuel consumption throwaway society to an alternative energy recyclable society that can sustain humanity for millions of years. There are only 3 things that are necessary to make the transformation. An energy invention that doesn't require feed stocks and is powerful enough to generate all the energy for mankinds needs. The next thing is to create a recyclable program that recycles all our resources and I mean all our resources for reuse. Finally to act responsible with our oceans, rain forest, etc. in order to create a healthy world. By making these simple changes mankind could survive and thrive theoretically forever on this planet. Scientist that believe we have an overpopulated world are so narrow minded with mankinds ability to tackle challenges. 
Before reading the rest of the article its important to read and understand the challenge because this should be right in line with almost all of the U.N. mandates which is to develop cooperation between nations for the benefit of all the peoples.
The challenge states if this new energy invention can't generate at least 1000 terawatts (50 times the current worldwide total electricity generated) of continuous energy without feed stocks 60% cheaper than any traditional alternative energy on the planet the U.N. can have the new energy invention. But if the new energy invention claims are true the U.N. and all the countries involved will assist me and each other in implementing the technology around the world in a responsible way that benefits everybody on the planet but especially the bottom half the food chain.
I realize if this new energy invention claims are true it will have a profound effect on everybody and everything on the planet. The benefits are so enormous that it will create a world going forward that makes anything, anywhere possible in the future, creates a sense of hope, eliminates almost all major issues facing mankind like climate change, water shortages through desalination, food shortages by the ability to power vertical farms, better irrigation, etc. and finally a permanent energy source without feed stocks that can theoretically last forever.


The risk/reward is almost no cost to validate the power projections of this new energy invention versus a solution to almost all of mankinds major issues. This should be a total no-brainer for any organization but especially for the United Nations due to its core principles.
Major issues facing mankind are so enormous that it would take months to even list them all.
  • Climate change
  • air pollution
  • Pollution of ground water, rivers, etc. that's creating havoc of fresh drinking water
  • Glaciers melting which is changing the worlds normal watershed
  • Oil and fossil resources consumption at a rate that is not sustainable
  • Food shortages
  • Ocean dumping and over fishing that's risking our worlds oceans health
  • Deforestation that is not only ruining our wildlife refuge but destroying are carbon filter for the world
  • Potential release of methane gas frozen in the tundra that is thawing which could cause irreparable damage to our ozone layer
  • etc.
The new energy invention has the ability to solve the most important issue facing mankind which is how do we power our planet permanently without consuming fossil fuels or any other limited resource. While my new energy invention may seem like the answer to all our problems it is just as essential to create a worldwide recycling program that recycles all our resources for reuse if we want a truly sustainable planet for mankind long term. Which means there will be no more dumps except for things like medical waste or hazardous materials, etc. It's just common sense that if we continue down our current path we would consume all the resources on the planet. People need to understand that without products like plastics made from oil (limited resource) a modern society is not possible and without a modern society it would be impossible to support 7.3 billion people let alone 10 or 20 billion people as the population grows.

My challenge states this new energy invention can generate electricity for 60% cheaper than any other traditional energy source on the planet. But actually my real estimates are 180 million dollars a continuous gigawatt which is much cheaper than the 60% stated in the challenge. There are also many other advantages to this new energy invention not disclosed due to privacy issues. Some of the other advantages are cheaper and simpler grids, backup capabilities built right into the design, ease of expandability and finally the almost elimination of cyber attacks. The new energy invention will not only give us the ability to create almost unlimited energy but also a secure energy source.
This is shameful for a country that has prided itself on a democracy and a middle class throughout the world. The reason why it is so shameful is most of the wealth has been accumulated through corruption, misplaced priorities, tax avoidance, stock market manipulation, government corruption, irresponsible capitalism, greed, etc. The reason why I know this to be true is there has been no big breakthroughs that would of caused all this wealth transfer. 
Europe and all the western so called democracies around the world have the same exact wealth and income inequities in the U.S. It's truly hard for me to believe all the western democracies now have the same inequities as the 3rd world countries but its true. 
This path is totally unsustainable and will have to be reconciled one way or the other. This is why I have chosen this path to implement this new energy invention in away that benefits the bottom half the food chain around the world.
I would be willing to present this new energy invention to the world through a open worldwide presentation at the United Nations under the following conditions:
  • Gather a proper small team (max 5) of top engineers & scientist from around the world to assist me on putting together a world class presentation
  • The team would have to be willing to be sequestered for 5 days once we have validated the energy inventions power projections on the first day in order to create the presentation in privacy. If all the engineers & scientist disagree on the power projections then we will all go our separate ways with very tight restrictions and penalties.
  • A lab & accommodations for 5 days would have to be available with the proper equipment setup to complete the presentation and build a very tiny visual prototype in order to better illustrate the invention.
  • The team would be no larger than 5 engineers & scientist which would represent all the major countries & regions in the world, 2 movie video animators, 1 presenter, 2 fabricators. - James Hanson would be requested personally because of his hard work & dedication toward climate change.
  • The engineering disciplines desired would be in dam construction, fluid dynamics, material specialist, heavy construction, physicist, mathematics & drafter.
  • The movie animators would be required to build a virtual animation of the energy invention in operation. - My hope is they would be from Disney or Dreamworks.
  • The fabricators would build a very small prototype in order to show the invention in operation.
  • I would do the main part of the presentation because I think its important for the U.N. to see a normal individual can do extra-ordinary things. The other engineers and scientist will also play a key role in the presentation. The professional presenter will oversee and assist in how the world class presentation is designed and put together and do the introduction and closing. - My hope is it would be somebody famous that has done this before.
I ask the United Nations to act in a way that is larger than it parts. This is the first time someone is offering you a part interest in a product (new energy invention) and the ability to help lead the world in a path that will not only benefit all of humanity but quite possibly save humanity from total destruction. This new energy invention will completely change the way we think about energy today and in the future. It will literally change the worlds priorities from finding energy to concentrating on how energy can better humanity. It should totally eliminate wars fighting over resources, create more equality between nations, build more independence in third world countries to where they can determine their own destinies instead of counting on other nations for assistance and finally create a sense of hope all around the world.
All you have to do is imagine a world with almost unlimited energy theoretically forever. This is not only possible but is within our grasp.
So I ask you again to contact me and we can begin a journey that will put mankind on a different path that will benefit all of humanity for thousands of generations to come. 
Remember the cost is almost nothing to look under the hood of this remarkable energy invention.
Video that also explains the importance of this new energy invention and recycling to mankinds future:
Contact Info:

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Worldwide Development Corporation - 21st Century Possibilities

Detail discussion about the new energy invention:
The new energy invention is based on river flow and has been broken down in module units in order to manufacturer, fabricate and install them easier. Each unit has the ability to create 1.5 billion foot pounds of torque per unit. We have the ability to implement this technology in over 1 million places geographical distributed around the planet. We have reduced each units foot pounds of torque by more than 50% to account for unknowns and mechanical loses in order to come to the estimate of 1 gigawatt of electricity produced from each unit. We didn't chose 1 gigawatt of electricity per unit it just so happened the estimate come close enough to 1 gigawatt we just rounded it off due to the ease of the conversation. Since we estimated the power projections for each unit to 1 gigawatt we have been able to reduce the unknowns to almost nil with the exception of a few items like stress points, etc. which means if we have any surprises it will be more than likely be to the upside of the power projections. The "order of magnitude" cost estimates of 180 million dollars per unit is a very conservative estimate based on the small footprint required for each unit & the ease of implementation.
General discussion about the new energy invention:
Even the idea that I am having trouble getting assistance in validating this new energy invention's power projections from a worldwide credible source like G.E. and/or Siemens should outrage every single person on the planet. Humanity deserves better from all the leaders of this world. If someone approached me with a solution to most of my issues and I just ignored him I would be considered a complete idiot. This new energy invention is the solution to mankind's future and ability to survive in the future.

This is about the possibilities of the 21 Century and beyond. Energy is the foundation of any modern society and without it the world could not function. It is estimated energy is involved in 98% of our activities on earth; it covers everything from manufacturing, shipping of goods, agriculture, commercial fishing, recreation, airlines, transportation, emergency services, military defense, municipalities, utilities, trash removal and finally our everyday living.

One of the main benefits of this new energy invention is it allows our engineers to complete an implementation plan ahead of time to power the entire planet through clean energy theoretically forever. I have also estimated the cost to convert our entire planets electrical generation capabilities presently is 3.9 trillion dollars the same cost as a little over 3 years of the U.S. deficits today.

The implementation capabilities of this new energy invention are now so flexible it will eliminate most of our long distant grids and simplify our electrical transmission systems tremendously. Another huge benefit of the energy invention is its ease in expandability of electricity generation capabilities, backup capabilities and even a reduction in cyber warfare threats which means it’s a safe, secure energy source for the world theoretically forever.

I would like to talk about one possible world for this century. This changes everything we think about energy today and creates a sustainable world today and in the future for mankind.

Let’s imagine a world where energy is cheap and abundant and anything is possible throughout the entire planet. Every country has their unique culture, strengths, weaknesses, needs, problems, issues, etc. but the one universal requirement is clean energy. An abundant amount of clean energy has the ability to correct almost any issue regardless if it’s clean air, water shortages, food shortages, manufacturing, transportation or almost any other issue.

The third world countries are attempting to imitate the western democracies because it’s their belief we are superior. In reality we are just countries that developed over time and are no different than they are when it comes to problems facing their people. The largest difference we have already exploited our lands and resources that have left us without a lot of the beautiful resources I see throughout the world. If we look at what China is doing to their country it should be a warning to the rest of the world. They have polluted 1/4th of their farmlands, created so much air pollution people are literally choking on their air they breathe and finally have water shortages so bad people are living on 1/4th the amount of water that’s recommended for human consumption.
This new energy invention has the ability to not only change the way other third world countries approach their economic development in a positive way but also completely reverse the issues China has created for themselves.

So first let’s talk about the implementation requirements that would be required for this new energy invention if we were to install it in such a way to benefit all of humanity. First we would put together a worldwide project to implement this technology around the world where every country has cheap and abundant clean energy. We would then setup technical centers on each continent and major country around the world in order to assist in the implementation of this new energy invention. The funding of the implementation would have to be through some type of World Bank that is setup specifically for the purpose of implementing this technology. A non-profit engineering group would be setup without any political affiliations in order to not only oversee the implementation but also to setup priorities based on the ability to reduce carbon fuel use, poverty and many other parameters.

Now let’s talk about the road transportation changes that would take place across the planet. Instead of gas stations having to depend on deliveries of fuel they would produce the alternative fuels (hydrogen & compressed air) from the electricity coming into the station. I believe we could produce transportation fuels for less than 50 cents a gallon equivalent. This would open up road transportation for individuals and commerce to a level never seen before on the planet. Young people in Europe would now pay a fraction of the cost of fuel. This alone would create such a dynamic world for people’s freedom, movement of goods, etc. that it couldn’t be explained in words.

This new energy invention would completely eliminate all other forms of electricity generation in most cases throughout the entire planet.

Here is a list of some of the benefits of this new energy invention for electricity generation:
  1. Electricity generation estimated at 25% of the cost of any electricity produced today
  2. Distributed energy throughout the entire planet
  3. Ease of expansion of electricity generation
  4. Backup requirements built right into the installations
  5. Elimination of the need for long distance grids in most cases
  6. Reduction are almost elimination of possible cyber attacks on our electricity grids
  7. Elimination of need for feed stocks such as coal or natural gas
  8. Theoretically should be an energy source forever
  9. There are many other benefits not listed above
We have an opportunity as humanity to completely eliminate the largest issue facing mankind which is how do we power our planet in the future without fossil fuels. Not only can we eliminate all the issues we are facing with this challenge but we can do it cheap and with a small footprint. It’s critical if we take on this challenge we make it a priority and complete the transformation of our entire planet to alternative energy in a short time frame for the health and well being of the human race. This is either a solution or partial solution to energy, water shortages, food shortages and climate change.

Once we have completed the task of creating a permanent energy source we can then start decommissioning all the current energy producing technologies, clean up our oceans from all the dumping and restore marine life, clean up all the coal ash dumps, transport our nuclear waste to a secure location, etc. in order to create a world where anything is possible in the future.


Every single person on the planet needs to demand this new energy invention gets validated for your future and your children's. I haven't asked for a penny from any of you. The only thing I have asked is to tell your friends and contact the leaders in your country to demand this new energy invention gets brought to the forefront.

Here is a few blogs that are very interesting and worth reading:
1. A letter sent to law firms asking for legal assistance:
2. A blog talking about the win/win situation this new energy invention creates:
3. A blog that contains a mock debate because of energy experts fear to talk and debate me about energy generation:

Thank you for your time,

John Rosebush

Contact Info:
Phone: 269-465-6348